Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Candy" That's Actually Good for You!

When Mandy Moore first popped up on the radar I couldn't stand her.  Or her stupid sugary song "Candy."  I wasn't biased - Mariah, Britney and Christina fared nare too well along side her.

Then I saw her act.  And hated her a little less.  Saw her as a bible-toting freak in "Saved" and a fun girlfriend for JD on "Scrubs" and started to like her, but just a bit.  Then, I saw "Because I Said So," a phenomally "not good" movie but one in which she was really, well, normal.

But then I heard she was releasing another album and the cringe-worthy pop putter "Candy" popped into my brain.

Luckily there's this really cool version to correct the damage done:  Enjoy!



princesssaurora said...

Wow... that is an awesome version... hope she puts on it record... very bluesy and hot.

be well,

psychfun said...

You've got to be kidding me! I thought "Because I Said So" was hysterical! I'll tell you I now know what a Chick Flick is because when I went to see it the theater was packed & I counted 10 guys! Whole rows of people knew each other & came together. We were laughing so hard you could not hear the next line! I told my folks to go see it when they were in AZ for the winter & they loved it so much they told friends & all the retired people were going to see it loved it. I liked her in the one where she was the President's daughter...no not the Katie Holmes one there was another one. We all bought Because I Said So! :-)

amy122389 said...

I totally love this side of her!!!


oddb0dkins said...

Never heard of her myself, not even as J.D.s girlfriend! Great video though. B. x

gazker said...

Never heard of her, but then I am a Brit! I find it amusing that someone can sing a rock song in high heels and an evening dress............ I guess only in America huh?
Gaz ;-)