Tuesday, August 28, 2007


At my new job I am expected to log on to about seven different company programs and ten different HR related ones.  Since my hiring date I have been the equivilant of an IT nightmare.  I was denied access to the majority of the programs and for some reason I didn't have the program where one could enter their time and, I dunno, get PAID!  So today when I entered yet anothe "Oh, good LORD, help me" IT ticket to the smarter-than-me computer dept I could hear the exasperation in the guy's voice when he called me to yet again correct some crazy problem.

"My Instant Messenger closes itself and won't let me log back on," I said.

"Oh.  Really?"  I stumped him.   He then took over my screen and had no clue why it was shutting me out of the program.

"Maybe I have Gremlins!" I chirped.  And waited.  No response.  "Heh, heh, heh."  I tried.  NOTHING. 

I'm sure he was laughing on the inside, or really concentrating on the task at hand, or something.  

Once he kinda corrected the problem, I opened my email and watched as it crashed and froze. 


Ten minutes later I'm back on the intranet but wary.

I should've known better than to get on my laptop when I got home.  I downloaded the HPupdates and my computer freaked all the hell out!  Jack from "Newsies" (Christian "I am Batman!" Bale) channelled Max Hedroom as he stuttered "Santa Fe" through the speakers.  I tried holding down the power button, hitting a combo of keys a la Mortal Combat and finally, as the music volume refused to cease and as my black screen of death started me right in the eyes I flipped my laptop upside down and pryed loose the battery.

The music stopped.

Damn gremlins!



princesssaurora said...

LOL... Hang in there!  It has to get better!  LOL

be well,

amy122389 said...

I share your pain.  The axis of Evil has been taking up residence in my computer tonight....


psychfun said...

Well that is most tech dept...not much people skills that is why they work with computers. You occasionally get some good ones but...it is pathetic how many times I logically figure out what is wrong before them. I one time had a big wig in tech say I was putting my password in wrong. RIGHT! I had her come down to my office & I showed her. She then made a new password & watched me & she even put it in & it didn't work. She left to fix it & NEVER apologized to me...ugh! I use "Gremlins" also...maybe the young ones never saw the movie???

gazker said...

Have you noticed, but everyone in the I.T. dept looks kinda weird?
Gaz ;-)