Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boo. I'm (not) Death.

I love Christopher Moore.   I am officially addicted to his books and after having finished "Lamb" I am more convinced than ever that he is either insanely creative or creatively insane - either works for me, really.  

So, according to this quiz, I am most like "Lily" from C.M.'s book "A Dirty Job."  I knew my days of wearing thick eyeliner were not wasted! :)

What character from "A Dirty Job" are you?


The Goth Girl. Nothing totaly cool happens to you, ever! You envy Asher's position of Death. you can be a real bitch, and you aren't afraid to admit it. but still have a small ray of affection shining through.

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(oohh - "totally" is spelled wrong.   Oh well.  I still like it!)

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gazker said...

WTF is goin on here Holly ;-) I aint got a clue!
Gaz xxxx