Friday, August 10, 2007

10 Things...

Following in the bloggy shoes of Dawn and Cindy, I shall tell you Ten Things I Have Done Today:

1.  Woke up and put on too much eyeliner, a black striped tee and jeans and headed out the door. 

2.  Met Stacey for a healthy breakfast of French Toast with butter, biscuits with butter and some butter with more butter.  We discussed everything from the scary fact that she's an Engineer and I'm, well, I'm just evil.

3.  Perused the shelves of the local bookstore before picking out three selections of fiction and one much-anticipated copy of "Buffy" the comic book, Number 5. 

4.  Stopped for gas where I simultaneously melted and fought with my swirling mass of hair (like Drew Barrymore in "Firestarter" but without the balls of fire) while trying to get the nozzle into the gas tank.  At one point I felt like a very confused and very dangerous version of Cousin It. 

5.  Stopped by Gamestop to put $50 down on the new XBox 360 Halo edition coming out in September.  The things we do for love.  And free foot rubs.

6.  Met Harry for lunch where I realized the my patience for food service workers is only rivaled by my patience for the automatic car wash (TWO rinses?  Is that REALLY neccessary?)  Harry called XM again to try to set my radio again - I wasn't getting half the stations and I was really missing my boys Opie and Anthony on 202.  They're crude, they're rude, but I can't help but love'em!

7.  Watched an episode of "Firefly." Mmmm.  Nathan Fillion.  

8.  Called my aunt.  Worried that she may be more than a little suicidal in these days following the "Wedding Brawl of 2007."  There was no answer.  Left a hopeful message.

9.  Typed up this blog.  Realized I am a very boring person who has done very little with her morning/early afternoon.  

10.  To be Announced.

I do have some fun stuff planned for this evening.  Harry and I may be meeting some friends for dinner and a movie (Bourne!) and tomorrow I am heading to a baby shower, a baby's party and, on Sunday, Gillian wants to see the "big monkey" at Billy Bob's Pizza. 


gazker said...

Will you fit into a baby shower, I mean most adults wouldn't?
Gaz ;-)

tenyearnap said...

Today has been one big CF and it ain't over yet. I want to trade with you!

princesssaurora said...

Well... actually I was thinking that was quite a full day!  I would have needed a nap mid way... but I am flaring.  :/  Anyhow... sounds like a fun weekend!!!

be well,

amy122389 said...

You've done way more than me today.  I got up, fed the dogs, and went back to bed.  LOL