Thursday, January 4, 2007

Tiny Bangs and Crooked Smile - That's ME!

Stacey has decided to retaliate by posting the following, tiny yellow-banged picture of me and her:

I fear that this does, sadly, mean war.

I'm off to go home to comb through my old albums.  I believe I may have one of my dear, sleek-haird bud, with a - wait for it - PERM! 



princesssaurora said...

Doesn't Stacey know you by now???

be well,

wildflowersea said...

Oh Oh poor Stacey! LOL :)

staceydword said...

You wouldn't!
that's just low man...that's low.
Alright You asked for it.
I'm heading to the early nineties.
Yes, people we are visiting the days of neon and scrunchy side hair ponytails!