Monday, January 15, 2007

"And I'll take my red stapler... burn this place to the ground... burn it... to the ground... "

I'm as much a fan of "Office Space" as the next cubicle dweller, but those above words have never rang as true as they did for me on Friday.  Basically, my office manager told me that I was getting a HUGE raise - but will have to work an extra half hour a day AND take on three times the responsibility.  Which means - no more work blogging, no more playing on Harry Potter related websites and no more having a cake job that requires less brain power than that of the average Taco Bell worker. 

All weekend I ranted, cried, pouted and came close to puking as I thought about my new "responsibilities" and how much this was NOT what I signed on for when I took a job as a receptionist.

So - I told them as much this morning.

Now - I'm just waiting to hear back from them - or for them to hand me a box for my stuff.  At this point, either works for me...



dpoem said...


Trust me, they'd be doing you a favor if they canned you.  Lawyers are not worthy of The Holly.  In fact, I think The Holly should kick down the door of The Huntington Herald-Dispatch, and tell that illiterate hack Ed Dawson to give you your own column.    


tenyearnap said...

What Dan said. Double. Damn lawyermen!

gazker said...

Oh gawd Holly, so soon after Christmas with all those bills coming in......... Maybe you shoulda waited to see what your new responsibilities were huh?
Come work for me, I think YOUR FAB!!!!!!!!
G :-)

princesssaurora said...

Good for you.... it isn't what you want .... so you shouldn't do it.

be well,