Monday, March 2, 2009

Three Weeks to Insanity.

Harry's away at school this week. And this weekend. And next week. And next weekend. AND the following weekend.

Stupid government job...

Anyhoo - I'm guessing I have t-minus 10 days before I officially go insane. Yup - this time I'm not even pretending to be brave or energetic or even half-way ambitious. I'm going to sit at home, stare at the walls, pretend to be "busy" and cry a bit (lot).

Take today for instance. I came home from work after picking up what was to be a truly horrific pizza-like substance, sat in front of the tv, let the space heater warm my toes while I watched "Dollhouse" and am now heading up to bed at 9pm.

But it's only the first day.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

And - just so you can get good and giggly at my expense - here's a blast from the past. Try to guess which sparkly maven was me:

And, no, I'm not sure why we all look a bit goofy but check it - it's taken at CHI-CHI'S!!!!


Amy said...

ChiChi's! omg....what a blast from the past. I was in 8th grade, the first time I ever ate there....LOL

Saltydawg said...

Don't tell us? You're the one with the rose and the tie on?
Gaz ;-)

Indigo said...

They don't even have ChiChi's anymore. Umm not that's not saying we're old...just call it bad business choices on their part...Yeah that it! (Hugs)Indigo