Monday, March 23, 2009

Kid You Not

Just a small blog to let you all know that Harry got home safely!

Unfortunately, due to a laser tag injury to Harry's knee, our loving weekend was cut a little shorter than I'd have liked.  I was invited to play too but since I have half a brain and didn't want to make my back injury a permanent one, I, instead, spent 20 minutes being auditorally hammered by a pack of animatronic puppets.  
Two hours at Billy Bob's Wonderland is fine.  
Three hours at Billy Bob's Wonderland borders on the Redneck Version of Chinese Water Torture.  I don't remember that place being quite so, well, gross, as when I was a kid and it was Showbiz Pizza.   The puppets are the same but the location, and the amount of questionable gooey substances, have changed.   And never, NEVER, in my life do I want to enter a bathroom when a mother is profusely apologizing to a staff teen about how "if you clean up the big stuff, I can get the rest," 'cuz, well, ewwwwww!

But Harry had fun, we got to hang with friends and family and I got to see two grown men play "Tokyo Drift" - one in a bright pink Ford GT and the other, well, I couldn't see what car he was in since his nose was pressed against the glass in apparent approximation of distance from equals distance from finish line!  :)

So - uh - YAY!  Harry's home!


Amy said...

You couldn't pay me enough to work in one of those places. yikes.

Laura said...

I'm with Amy!
I am glad Harry is home !