Thursday, March 5, 2009

Uncontrollable Urges

Since Harry left town I've been struck with these- urges. And who can really blame me? Here I am, alone, in a big house and , well, I'm only human - I have NEEDS!!!

Like the need to stand without crying in pain, the need to bend over and pick up a dropped item, the necessity of being able to put on one's own underwear without using the "toe loop" method!!!

That's right. I'm broken. Again.

So off to the Chiro I went. More on THAT experience later!

Any advice out there for acute lower back pain?


Amy said...

drugs and a heating pad are my good friends many a day.

If you tell me you slipped on raw egg mook on the kitchen floor and broke your hiney..... LOL

Lazarai said...

Yeah, I'm with Amy. Drugs....even ibuprofen or Advil or whatever. Rest it. Good luck - a chiropractor once actually helped my back when I was in acute pain. Hope you find some relief!!

:) Carol