Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News Flash(ing)

I had a job fair today at the local University.  I don't mind going as it gets me out of the office for a time and I can also meet some pretty interesting folk. 
What I don't like is having to avoid the cameras of various media outlets as the scrounge for news of some sort to slap on their channel or publication. 
I have been on the cover of the local paper and on at least one newscast since I began my reign as HR lackey. 
Today was no exception. 
Bill Murray, a local personality known for his Woody (the car) and now his new smart car, came up to me, pulled out the front of my shirt and said (not asked) "Can I clip this mic to you and film you while you interview people."
"uhhhh - " was my awesome response. 
"Stand up, I have to put this battery on your shirt" he said and then flitted away. 
There I was, having been pawed by a local celebrity and desperately wishing someone would talk to me and release me from my microphonal chains. 
"No one's really coming by,"  I said, messing with the mic on my black and white shirt.
"And why is that?" Bill asked me quickly while walking over to my neighbor's vacated table. 
"Um, maybe cuz it's noon and everyone's at lunch, or," I watched as he bit into a Snickers bar that he plucked from the table, "maybe they're eating candy off other people's tables."  He shrugged and walked around to another table. 

I then unceremoniously accosted a Journalism major in order to get my mic removed. 
"That's it," I said to my co-worker friend after WSAZ had wandered off to another employer's booth.  "I'm going on a diet.  These damn chubby cheeks make me way too damn approachable!"

You can view me - talking oddly out of the side of my mouth, like Peter from Heroes, and about "giving back to the community"on video - here.

Oh crapola. I'm on there twice!

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Amber said...

I think you look great! Other than the fact how obvious it is that you wanted to high-tail it out of there! LOL