Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dang it all to HECK!

I really did try to be THAT girl.
You know the one.
The gal that picks her teeth with a toothpick and removes a wedgie in public. The kind of girl who can sing along to every song by George Strait, Patsy Cline, Tool and Metallica. The kind of girl who can FIGURE OUT HOW TO LIGHT A FRIGGIN' PILOT LIGHT ON AN ANCIENT WATER HEATER!

Seriously - I tried EVERYTHING! I cussed at it, banged on it, looked up manuals on line and cursed the man who built my house for giving me a state of the art unit with NO AUTOMATIC PILOT STARTER THINGY!
And nothing worked. I was on my hands and knees trying to unplug it, unscrew it and un- anything it to even FIND THE DAMN PILOT.
And then - I gave up.
I scooted the compartments back to where I found them, wiped the old kitty litter from my hand, collected the $5 in change that I found under the unit and slowly made my way back to the tv room.

Holding back the endless sea of oncoming tears that seem to linger daily - I called the Plumber and left the following message:

"Hi, um, yes. I tried to fix my water heater. It was broken. So I took off some, um, parts. And then I couldn't figure out where the light was. Oh, and I made sure to unplug it first! So, yeah, my water heater - is broken. Can you come fix it? Call me? Please?" I sounded stupid at first, stupider in the middle and downright stupidest (and desperate) by the end.

I'm completely fed up.
I'm sick of being the only one here to deal with these things when they go wrong and how nothing is allowed to function unless it's on the weekend. I'm sick of my job making feel peon-errific as of late and I'm sick of feeling powerless (not literally since my power is on and should stay that way for a bit longer, I hope) to change what's around me.

Or maybe I just have the winter blues...


I mean, it's definitely ONE of the two of those...

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Saltydawg said...

Oh Holly, you sound more pissed off than I do. I got the winter blues too.
I HATE WINTER!!! Hope yer boiler gets sorted too.
Gaz xx