Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gilly Beans the Jumpin' Bean!

I just read this post from my sister's Myspace blog. I laughed so hard I had to share:

When [Gillian] introduces herself to a grown up, my quirky lil girl quips, "My name is Gillian:

G-I-L-L-I-A-N. Not J-I-L-L-I-A-N. Momma says Gillian wif a J is some other lil girl named Jillian. Not me, right Momma?" EVERY stranger gets this introduction. Yesterday I glanced her way as we were veggin out during SBSP (SpongeBob Square Pants) and her eyes were crossed upward, eyebrows squished down all cave-mannish and she was stickin out her tongue, biting down on it. I should mention that she was nakey 'cept for a pair-o-tighty-whiteys so the caveman reference wasnt too far off. I studied her for a while. My daughter was lost in complete concentration. Finally, I had to ask. "Gillian? Are you trying to look at your eyebrows?""YES!" she said, not breaking her attempt. "But it's NOT WORKING!"She helped Mammy make brownies today. Gillian took a big lick off the spoon when Mammy wasn't looking. Mammy is a germ freak and I giggled as she ate a giant Gillian-flavored brownie after dinner. Did YOU notice the extra sweetness Auntie Holly?! :)Speaking of Holly, last time she and Harry tried to leave her, Gillian wrapped herself around Holly's legs and said, "You're staying wif meeeee" in a weird creeeepy lil voice. Holly was laffin so hard I think she peed a lil.Yesterday I told Gillian to wake Brian up. It was later reported to me that Gillian whispered in his ear, "Don't wake up. Don't ever wake up." Kids can be sooooooo scarrrrryyy sometimes! Every night @ bedtime she asks "What am I gonna dream about tonight, Momma?" It's uzhe something about Cinderella, the Wicked Stage or Thomas the Train. Whatever we decide she repeats to herself with a smile and a whisper. Like: "Me and Cinderella on the beach, spwashin an havin fun" And I hold her hand every night as she falls asleep.There are words i have heard associated with Gillian from the very moment of her birth. Beautiful, busy, quirky. Since she has gotten older I have been complimented on her impeccable manners and her big brown eyes. It amazes me the love I feel for this crazy lil kid. The phrase 'love so much it hurts' has a whole new meaning.

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