Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mean Kitty

Okay, I don't know how many of you have seen this, but this video is hilarious if you happen to be a kitty lover.  For those of you out there who have had or currently do have cats - you all know that the "sneak attack" is something often employed by a frisky kitty on a pair of unsuspecting ankles... or ears... or, well, anything that will bleed. 

It's about four minutes but I thought it was cute enough to share:



amy122389 said...

Haaaaaa......mine still do that.....Rosalita bites the crap out of me and then I look like a heroin junkie.  "No no.....I have a cat!  Really!!"


oddb0dkins said...

Cat- chy little tune.

B. x

lazarai said...

Thanks so much for sharing that, Holly - it cracked me up!! Unfortunately, I can relate....I have two cats. One is a tiger cat who looks just like Sparta, but is sooooo sweet and never bites or uses her claws. The other is a tuxedo cat and he's mean as can be -- at times. I mean, one minute, you can be making nice to Parker and then BOOM, he'll turn on you and scratch or bite the heck out of ya!! He's TERRIBLE when little kids or babies are cousin brought his two-year old over and by the time they left, you could ask this toddler "what sound does a kitty make," and his answer was "hisssssssssssssss!!" ROFLMAO

Have a great weekend,
:) Carol

sangrialel said...

LOL that was funny!!!  She looks like my cat! Linda

gazker said...

I've seen pussy's do worse than that........ Maybe that's why I don't like em!
Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

ha thats great, i remember when i had 2 cats, it was bedlam! me, mark, a baby, and 2 cats on a bed, nightmare! beckie x