Saturday, August 2, 2008

Better Late Than...

Just a little post to say that I'm supposed to be ready, showered, shaved and shiny by 2:00pm and it's now a bit after 1pm and I'm still clicking and clacking away on my 'puter 'stead of washing the skank from my bod.

Why the rush?

We have a 2pm lunch date with our friends, their newish baby and four juicy steaks. 

So - I guess the least I can do is not smell like day old ickies, huh?  I mean - they're gonna hand me their extrememly fragile babykins and I really don't wanna smell like this morning adult Romper Room session with yesterday's eyemakeup somewhere around my second chin, right?

All right, fine.

Since I've now voiced my "meh-ish" of hygeine for the day (really and truly want a Holly-sized bubble, climate-controlled and easily transportable in which to be a truly kept woman for Xmas) I will go and hop in the shower, scrub the necessary parts and, just to torment the neighbors, sing some really old and really worn-out Alanis Morisette song that will make them all start hunting for new abodes far far away from me and my twangy angst-ridded voice.  

.... Nope... still here.  

All I know is that if I'm still sitting here at the kitchen table, bra-less, dirty and with a half-braid in my sticky hair when Harry comes home I'm in deeeeeep sh -



dpoem said...

It's only a little after noon here.  So, there ya go.  Making a two o'clock meeting should be a freakin' cakewalk.

Thanks for bringing up that whole steak thing and turning me into a drooler.  Now I've got to pull myself together and get to the butcher and start making my cardiologist twitch.  


midwestvintage said...

 Ha, just got the giggles here.  Hope your got cleaned up nicely and am now snuggling fresh baby.


oddb0dkins said...

If harry's as smart as I think he is he told you the lunch date was for 2pm when, in fact, it was at 4pm.
At least, that's what I do to my missus.

B. x

sangrialel said...

I hope you made it to the shower in time before Harry walked in the door! Linda