Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bagged Lunch

I just realized that I never told you why sis was under that bag a few posts ago. 

Well, we were all sitting on the back porch eating Jim's Spaghetti bbq's (Jim's is a local favorite and their sauce is to die for and a highly guarded secret) but were having a hard time eating for the attacking bugs.

Every time sis would start to bite her sandwich three of four flies would hover and land on the about to be bitten portion.  She'd shriek and pull back and then try again.  We, of course, being loving family, laughed hartily at her expense as we dined on our fly-free food.

Finally, I tossed a Kroger bag at her and suggested she put it over her head.  

To my surprise, and merriment, she did!

So - the answer was "to keep the bugs off" and Cindy won an autographed picture of my dear sis in a bag.   That is, as soon as Summer forgives me for posting her plastic'd mug on the internet! 



dragoneyes1164 said...

Ahhhh, now I can have peace knowing the answer. But damn it! I thought I had the only bug answer..oh well i dont need another bag:(

princesssaurora said...

OMG...  y'all are too funny!!!!!  Next time show us a pic of the sandwich too!  lol

be well,

tenyearnap said...

So, where's my autographed photo?

gazker said...

Tsk, and there was me thinking she was covered in hickeys from a night of passion!
Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

I have the same problem , when i sit down to eat i get my other half wanting a bite, a kid and a baby, a tsnk full of fish and a couple of parrots. Im usually left with a handfull of crusts. Beckie x