Monday, September 17, 2007

I-Phone - home?

Harry loves his new I-Phone so much that he feels the need to use it all the time.  Even while driving down the road.  Hence this message that was sent to me as he careened down the backroads of WV:

57 minutes till I get to come home 57 minutes to go, you sit around and kill some time 56 minutes till I get to come home 56 minutes to go, you sit around and kill some time 55 minutes to go

I love you

What do you want to do for dinner?

Do you want to see any movies?

Whacha doing

I am sitting here missing you

What are you going to do for lunch?

Are you working hard?

I'm not!!!!!

I bet you would have never guessed that though

48 minutes to go

No this email will never end

Ok maybe it will soon

I love you and hope you have a good day!

Love you!

Yeah, he's a sweetie.  But I'll kill him if he ends up killing himself while sending me a text message about, oh, I dunno, the crazy man next to him talking on a cell phone while shaving and driving at the same time!   :)

And, yes, honey - this post was all for you - be careful - OR ELSE!  :)


dpoem said...

I'm with Harry.  Women will just never be able to understand.  


princesssaurora said...

Yes!  Be careful!

Holly needs lots of shoes!  LOL  

be well,

beckiepainton said...

you know in Britian you could loose your licence if you use a mobile and talk, or even eat and even if you chuck a fag butt outta the window, yes this country has balmy rules, too busy worrying about motorists while they are letting violent criminal and rapists out of jail early as there is no room!! Please drive safe, but how romantic i only get texts that say, yes, no, or f%$k off!! Beckie x

oddb0dkins said...

Driving and texting! Never a good idea.
B. x

gazker said...

Hmmmm, texting and driving? Not a good idea, if he want's to know what you want, tell him you want him home safely!
Gaz ;-)