Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm Alone for the First Time in Seven Years

Harry and I got Phoebe as a hand-me-down kitty right after we started dating.  Our first fight?  Phoebe was there, purring and settling things down.  Our first pizza at midnight?  Phoebe was there eating the cheese off the box lid.  Our engagement?  Phoebe was at our feet trying to figure out if what was in the tiny black box was edible.  Our first house?  Phoebe was there, running up and down the stairs like furry greased lightening.

She's kept me company for years - and here's where it all started, in a tiny cottage near Marshall University with poorly chosen decor of orange walls, blue furniture and leopard sheets:

Blue carpet, white cat = bad combination:

Me with dark hair, Phoebe with less hair:

Phoebe was a champion snoozer:

"You will love me and alllll my 2000 furry parts!":


Thanks to everyone out there who sent me kind words - you guys can't know how much that helped!   The loss of a family member, be it fleshy or furry,is a devestating event for all involved...

Wish me luck.  Tonight is my first night sleeping alone in seven years.   Expect an IM around 2:30 AM if it doesn't go well!  :)


tenyearnap said...

Phoebe made that leopard print furniture look good. --Cin

gazker said...

As much as cats never like me, I feel for you Holly, dogs are my cats and I know how you feel at the moment. I am sorry to read of your loss.
I agree with Cin, when you mentioned those sheets, I thought you were joking....... How wrong I was!
Be well, time will heal.
Gaz xxxxx

beckiepainton said...

Hi, ive came here via Gaz, im so sorry you lost your cat, she looked so beautiful in those pictures, bless her.I read down the page, im  with you with the MIGRAINES ouch!! I get them so bad sometimes half my body goes numb.Hope things get better soon, Beckie x


oddb0dkins said...

You'll be fine. Just think happy thoughts of Phoebe. Who knows, she may not be so far away.
B. x

lazarai said...

Awww, ((((Holly)))), I'm so sorry to hear about Phoebe!!!!!

Take care,

amy122389 said...

I'm late in reading....but Pheebs looked like quite the snuggler... so I know that will be hard for a long while.

Everything I think of saying just comes out kinda dumb sounding, so I'll just leave you with "I KNOW...."  :-/

love you muchly...


princesssaurora said...

Oh NO!!!!  I am so so so very sorry about the loss of Phoebe!!!!  I was away, and didn't know until now, sorry I am late.  

{{{ Holly }}}}  I do know how hard it is... and I know that she will be with you over the rainbow bridge someday.

be well,

wildflowersea said...

I am so sorry that Phoebe died. I don't have a cat but have two dogs and know what you mean about animals becoming part of your family.  She is in kitty heaven now.