Friday, October 5, 2007

I know. I suck.

I know that I've been a bad blogger as of late.  I haven't updated in FOREVER!  but I apologize and bring you the latest from the land of Holly:  MARRIED PEOPLE CRUSHES.

Married People Crushes (or MPC, for short) are those crushes we develop on the opposite sex after we become betrothed to another.  These crushes are harmless, fun and non-threatening since a Married Person is off the market and the other is just, well, they're just fun to look at.

On Wednesday I attended a job fair at MU as part of my recruiting duties for my new job.  After hopping into the shuttle van the slight boy behind the wheel said "Alright. I'm just going to park for a bit, see if anyone else needs a ride."

Bestill my hornily beating heart - he was British!  A man from England - studying in WV? The Twilight Zone theme pulsed through my brain.

I instantly started drooling and babbling incessantly about everything from Wii games to, God help me, Harry Potter.  By the time I hopped out of the van a mere ten minutes later, I was hankerin' a full-blown MPC on this bespeckled Brit.

"Well, what's your name?" I asked since he expressed interest in that lovely accent of his in a possible internship in the future (or at least I convinced myself that this was the reason I was asking).

"Luke," he said, the vowel enlongating sexily, "as in Skywalker!"  A boy from London AND obsessed with video games and Star Wars.  As my smile stretched to near painful proportions I fell out of the car and made a mental note to apologize to my wonderful hubby for the massive MPC I had developed on a grad student who was driving a van as part of his GA duties.  

But as my co-worker and I climbed the familiar stairs of Marshall University's Student Center my heart dropped as I saw that we were stationed - next to the Marines. 

Hello gorgeous men in uniforms!  

It was a good day. 



tenyearnap said...

They all need the H-Duo! heh heh

amy122389 said...

I need to get a life.  :-P


psychfun said...

As my mom would say...You can look but can't touch.

lazarai said...

Oh, absolutely, Holly!! We may be married, but we aren't DEAD!!

;) Carol

princesssaurora said...

LOL... you are too funny!  

be well,

beckiepainton said...

most british men stroll arond with a fat beer belly and thier upper behind hanging out the back of ther jeans, fag in one hand can of fosters in the other, sorry to ruin your illusion! glad you met a nice british guy first! Beckie x

oddb0dkins said...

Ooh, you're such a floozy! ;o)

B. x

madysauntie said...

OMG!!! Does the day get ANY better than that.... well... you know without acting on your MPC.... ;-)