Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Drawing a Blank

 Two years ago I hung those blank canvases on either side of my french doors.  Two years ago I decided I was going to paint something brilliant on them.  Or simple.  Or colorful.  Something to compliment the mounds of Blenko glass that are placed above the door, around the fireplace and on virtually every other surface around my house.  
Lemmie just preface this by saying - I'm a color whore.  I LOVE color.  My kitchen's green with bright red accents, my living room, though painted a muted almond color, is decorated in bold punches wherever the addled eye should wander.   So when I decided to paint my own art instead of buying it already framed from Walmart as many as my WVian neighbors do (if I see ONE more framed poster of Water Lillies...) I thought, "Easy peasy.  I'll splash a bit of orange here, a twirl of green and a punch of red and - done!"  But I couldn't bring myself to do it. 
I'm - uninspired. 
Those blank canvases mock me from the large walls upon which they hang crookedly.  Their white-eyed stares follow me from room to room like the paintings of the Masters whose subjects have eyes that seem to stare through you.  
I'm not really sure why I'm so daunted.  
Maybe because they are so starkly white?
Or because there are two?

Or maybe it's because my husband stares at me from the end of the couch with that look on his face like "Hey - what are you doing?  Should you be doing that?  Hey - is that what I would want you to do?"  

Any suggestions for artwork?  Short of squibbles and dots - I'm at a loss. 
I've thought of painting a large Blenko-like bottle on them that stretches from one to the other, or a grouping of bottles so that you can see two slices of it from each canvas.

Or a large green happy face on one. 
And a large orange one on the other. 

So maybe I am Wal-mart inspired after all.   :)


Indigo said...

"I'll splash a bit of orange here, a twirl of green and a punch of red" I kind of liked your original ideal hon. Just go for it! Worse is you won't like it and then you can go the WalMart route. (Hugs)Indigo

Tara Shleser said...

I would just give some bs along the lines of the Emperor's New Clothes.

Don't you see the beautiful painting?

What do you mean you can see it!

You must be crazy.

Amy said...

oooo - do those SpongeBob flowers! Yeahhhhh....

Summer said...

I 2nd Tara's idea. If you get tired of that game, I am close and personal with the artist of those AMAZING paintings hanging in your guest room. I could comission her again for you if you'd like...