Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holly LVS 2 TXT!

"I sent about 500 text messages last month," Harry said to me as we got ready for bed the other night.   
"Wow! That's a lot!"  I said.  I lathered up my facial bar and began scrubbing the lingering black residue from around my eyes.   Cover Girl is a stubborn bitch sometimes. 
"You sent 2,464."
I sputtered and laughed as I tried to rinse my face off and not get soap into my eyes. 
"You sent 2,464 text messages in February.  February has 28 days.  Which is less than other months,"  Harry continued with his stupid, infallible logic . 
I was giggling hysterically at this point and careening around the bathroom trying to find somewhere to hide while water and soap bubbles clung to my cheeks.
"We have unlimited texts!  I'm getting our money's worth!" I screeched. 
"That's 88 texts a day."
I tried my best to sober up and to kick the giggles that threatened to overtake me again.  Sighing deeply I walked up to my loving husband and put a hand on his chest.
"Don't worry, babycakes," I said, my voice dripping with earnest.  "Those relationships are purely textual."


Textual!  ahahahahha!


Summer said...

ur my fv sis evs!!

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