Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture this, Huntington, 2008 or so...

Now that I'm feeling perkier - it's Picture time! 
Some recent  (and not too recent) pics that MUST be shared!

Harry made me a book from him and Phoebe for our anniversary.  I made him this:
and ended up more than a little rainbow-colored by the end of the night!    But he loved it- and - heck - I found out that I can actually draw a car!   A CAR!   And it looks purty darn good if I do say so myself.  :)

    I love Blenko glass.  Say it with me "Taste the Rainbow!"

Blenko shark's teeth!  Cool! Yeah - we bought one.  :)

I got new glasses!  Yup  - so sis plucked them from my face and declared "Man!  You're blinder than me now!" with glee.  Gee, thanks sister-who-is-now-dead-to-me.   That's okay though - she stood up to see how she looked in them and promptly clotheslined herself  on the top of the table's umbrella! 

Pot Pals! Now on sale at your craft store!   No more buying it from skanky men  and women who consider hygiene an optional part of life!

Harry Simpson!

I'm doing much better - thanks to all who wrote to me to make sure I was alive.
I am!
And just in time for cookouts galore!
Anyone got any cool plans for the Fourth?  Just blowin' crap up and expanding your waistline?  Me too!!!!!



rdautumnsage said...

Anything with Blue glass is mine hands off (winks)...I just ended up getting my eyes tested on my Birthday...I wouldn't recommend it for next year. Ummm....let's just say I have graduated to the rank of Bifocals. Gasp..I'm not THAT old. Cook out definitely sounds like a plan for the 4th. However blowing things up is not optional with Pickles (working dog) she is deathly afraid of boom sounds. Have a great 4th hon. (Hugs)Indigo

beckiepainton said...

cookout??im starvin and skint ive only got toast :( beckie x glad your better!!