Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nuke it, Baby!


That, my dear friends, is what happens when you THINK you are setting the timer on your microwave and are, instead, setting the microwave, on high power for FIFTEEN MINUTES. 

I kept noticing an odd smell. 

A horrible, putrid, chocolate-tinged smell but I plundered on, posting feeds on pageant forums about the upcoming Pumpkin Festival and Hot Dog Festival galas (oh yeah - I'm lookin' for a Hot Dog Queen!).  

Finally I popped my head up and looked over the top of my lap top to see the microwave lit up like a Christmas tree and a poor, defenseless, giant cupcake - shut up in the microwave for safe keeping, positively sizzling on the top rack. 

I ran to the microwave and tossed the plate from the unit to the sink in one un-Holly-like-graceful gesture.   I ran water over it and gave myself the first ever steaming cupcake facial. 

And then I took a picture.  Of course.

And what has this ordeal taught me? 

That a leftover cupcake is a dangerous cupcake.  :)


sangrialel said...

OMG Holly I am literally LOL!!!!  Linda

amy122389 said...

Mother of God!  I thought that was a souffle!!  ROFLMAO


gazker said...

That looks like one of those Merrick muffins in Starbucks! OOOOh Holly, never put your pud in the micro!
Gaz ;-)
PS, I'm just dipping in and out at the mo, due to dodgy internet access xxxxx

oddb0dkins said...

Bet you still ate it when it cooled down. ;O)

B. x

rdautumnsage said...

This reminds me of a chocolate cake they have called Molten Lava...I do think you found the cupcake version of it...(Hugs)Indigo

dpoem said...



P.S.  MUDERER!!!!!