Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mac Ninja Fun with Photo Booth

So my new Mac has this button on it where you can take your photo like in a Photo Booth. 
It's called - Photo Booth - go figure.
Anyway - here's me being goofy.  
"B&W Holly"  looks confused and a little - odd.
 My screen kept reflecting off of the monitor glare - but POLKA DOTS?!  SO fashion forward!  And - a little backwards...

"Hulk Holly" seen only when trash is not taken out to the curb on Wednesday nights and dishes are put away incorrectly.   

And finally - my own creation!

I love painting software  - all the fun - none of the mess (and we all know I'm messy)!!!

                                                     hee hee


amy122389 said...

That's so cool!  I want a new computerrrrr.....(never mind that I just got this one....LOL)


oddb0dkins said...

Nice little gadget. I like the last one best.

B. x

wildflowersea said...

You look so cute in the last one :)

gazker said...

I hate to have to tell ya but it's stripes in vogue this season ;-)
Gaz xxx

beckiepainton said...

so im not the only one who stacks dishes correctly mark swears I got O.C.D, I  go away for a weekend come home and i swear everything is upside down inside out and back to front.It drives me insane! Beckie x

jmoqueen said...

they are great :o)