Sunday, February 17, 2008


My husband, much like me, understands the importance of keeping a strangle-hold on one's youth.   
Case in point - my husband's work cubicle - where the fight for justice rages on...
Harry has just said "If you look close you can see [some guy] ready to kick Scarlett in the head!  It's STORMSHADOW!  THEY'LL THINK I'M STUPID - PUT STORMSHADOW!"   And then he growled at me.   
Really, sometimes I do wonder...
And then he pointed out The Simpson's under there, too.    
It's fun trying to blog with a 28 year -old- going on 12 sitting right beside you.


dpoem said...

Could be worse.  I'm sitting here with the new Knight Rider on TV, and I think very many precious years of my life are being sucked out of my eye sockets.  

It...  is...  DUMB!

Yer chum,

dpoem said...

Oh!  I forgot to say that the car in the new Knight Rider is pretty freakin' awesome.  But, there's no saving this disaster of a broadcast.  It may even push The Hoff over the edge, and I imagine, right about now, he's rolling on his living room floor in a drunken stupor and wrestling some messy cheeseburgers.  

Poor bastard...  

Oh yes!  Tickle Harry.  You'll thank me later.

-Dan again

beckiepainton said...

that resembles my fridgefreezer, i ve got a little collection on kinder egg toys living on my plug sockets in the kitchen.Im 27.oh dear.Beckie x

gazker said...

There's no hope.......... Sigh........ No hope at all.
Gaz ;-)