Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well, my Halloween party has come and gone and I couldn't be happier.  There were six of us in attendance and that was plenty for me.   We had two Mary Magdaline's from Christopher Moore's "Lamb" , Beth Cooper the cheerleader and a valedictorian from "I Love you, Beth Cooper" by Larry Doyle a wayward gypsy and me, the girl in the leather coat insisting that she was, in fact, dressed as a lamb.   

It's funny what happens when women get together from all different backgrounds and just gab.   Here's a list of topics that were touched on tonight:  penicillin, yeast infections, c-sections, latest books read, evil ex-husbands, homewreckers, cheese, brie, apricot jelly, cocaine, meth, crazies in general, McDonalds, husbands, and last, but not least - big hot dogs.  

And, for my last parting thought before I head off to dreamland, DUMBLEDORE WAS GAY????!!!  It's not that I care much what the sexual preference of the headmaster was, that has never been my concern, it just seems like such a concrete bombshell to drop AFTER the last book was published.  I mean, c'mon, couldn't she have alluded to this fact at some point in the last book when she was talking about his relationship with the great evil wizard Grendelwald (I may have spelled his name wrong- sorry).  I just don't think it was something that needed to be answered in definite.  We could've speculated on it - or not needed to.  I always thought of Dumbledore to be very much like George Clooney or Ryan Seacrest.  Ya know - asexual?

With that last rambling rant I bid you adeau since I've been off the caffeine for a week now and can't seem to stay awake long enough to do much of anything anymore!  


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beckiepainton said...

I have no idea why i havnt recieved one alert , poxy aol.Halloween sounds good, why doesgeneral conversation end up on the great cheese debate and franks and beans.cute photo! Beckie x