Friday, August 12, 2011

The One in Which I Need to Stop Trusting the Internet

Baby Harry has a few minor health issues that tend to blanket my mommy field of vision when I'm looking at him, so when I lifted him out of his carseat at my parent's house the other day andnoticed what looked like old oatmeal stuck to his head - I was horrified. Then I saw that it was ALL OVER HIS HEAD and I was mortified.
Dude has Cradle Cap - at 16 months old.
Then again, since he has to use special soap and lotion and cream for the other 99% of his body - why should I be shocked his head was dry, too?

So I did what any other mom of Googling age would do - I looked up "solutions" on the internet.

A lot of people suggested using combs and certain shampoos while several others had luck with mineral oil or olive oil or coconut oil. One particularly lively poster had a raring success with A&D Ointment! Well, I thought to myself, I have that! I have a tube of that in every room so I'll (stupidly) take up a big handful of it and shove it on his head and then comb out those scales! Yeah!

Although, it did work.

But now - I can't get it out of his hair and he looks like this:

Needless to say I've withdrawn my name for consideration for Mother of the Year.


Daniel Poehlman said...

Are you kidding?!?

That hairstyle is edgy. Remember when Colin Farrell was cool?

His hair looked like that.

That's the kind of hairstyle that walks into a bar and owns the place. That's a hairstyle that makes bald people (like me) weep with envy.

You don't find hairstyles like that in day care or prison. Do you know why?

That's right. It's because a person with that haircut is too awesome to ever be fenced in. That's a haircut that demands respect and says, "Mess with me, and I'll show you my Dark Side. Word to your mother!"

Holly said...

Ha! As usual, Dan, your observations are dead-on and you're right to assume he's just too cool for things such as conventional clothes, shoes and, of course, hairstyles. His only non cool attribute, which is actually really fitting, is me. So anytime you and the Emster are in WV please feel free to come by, rub his belly, spike his hair and make a wish. Ya know, like you would with a treasure troll. :)

Emily Suess said...

LOL! (at the posts AND the comments)

Becky said...

I feel your pain! Both my boys had the cradle cap BAD. I tried mineral oil on the first. Bad idea. That stuff is harsh and burns! Rotten internet... I went with olive oil on boy #2 and it worked really well. Except the comments from the husband about smelling salad and not being able to find where the aroma was coming from. It took a few baths to rid my poor baby of that smell, not to mention the oily oily goo that was his hair. I would suggest wiping his head down with commercial baby wipes. They are made for removing the ooze on baby's behind, right? Including diaper rash ointment residue? Heh. Worth a shot. But I kinda dig the funky do too.