Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pillow Fight

I snuck into bed last night, careful not to wake my sleeping husband or the baby that slumbered in the crib nestled up to the far wall. Like a cat I slipped into bed, removed my restrictive clothing and flopped carefully --- on to the mattress.
I shone a light to find out where my many pillows had gone but could only see my husband. He was snoring, mouth open, head resting atop an intricately placed mountain of Simmons Beautyrest's finest.
I dared not disturb him so I searched lower in the kingside bed to find a pillow so that I too may drift to Dreamland.
The only other pillow in sight was nestled in between my partner's knees. The soft, downy wonder was stuck and being held in a vice-like grip.
My dear hubs, in his deep slumber of the dead, was sending me a message : my nuts should be

**Update** See THIS is what happens when I try to be sneaky and blog via an app on my phone and instead I get caught, the hubs pushes some buttons and I have NO CLUE that this was even posted! Or, um, what I was gonna say. But let's just all agree that it would've been freakin' HYSTERICAL! :) hee hee


Anonymous said...

Is this a "fill in the missing ending" post? Okay, "my nuts should be" resting upon a giant marshmallow, dreaming of cashmire cotton man panties.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Leave out "cotton"
I get confused

The Family Stone said...

Love your blog--you're a great writer! I laughed out loud several times!

Holly said...

Thanks guys! I need to blog more - It's a way for me to vent and to share the stuff that, let's face it, could only happen to me!