Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now You See Me...

Baby Harry can be quite the handful. He will love on you like you are his long-lost friend one minute and then the next he will headbutt you and kick you in your man-junk to get at your Iphone.
But he's cute - so he gets away with it.
Case in point:
My dad came over to watch Baby Harry so that I could empty the car of groceries, take out the trash and, I dunno, BREATHE for a minute. Harry is always very excited to see his Papaw ever since my father got down in the floor of his colonial-based home and pretended to be a cat to make the kid giggle. Complete with cat toys. And sound effects. For ten minutes.

Tonight, Dad came in, leather bomber jacket on, smile on his face and hair, as usual, sticking up like he had just been electrocuted (which, for those who know my father, we all know this could be a reality).
He swooped up his grandchild who smiled sweetly at him, snuggled up against him --- and grabbed his glasses from around his neck and tossed them deftly into the murky sink water three feet away.
I instantly admonished him for his baby-rudeness but, while I cleaned the bits of cobbler off of my father's glasses, I couldn't help but be slightly impressed with his aim.
Oh, and, just a thought - anyone know if the Terrible Two's can start early - say at eleven and a half months????


Shininggoober said...

Actually the two's aren't so bad but the three's? Watch out! Good aim on Baby Harry's part by the way! lol Kids sure keep you running don't they?

Anonymous said...

The cat act cracked me up. Good papaw to have around! -Cin