Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WV --- is closed.

It snowed - a lot. 
So I called into work.   Which is what sane people do when the weather is adverse and they, I dunno, want to live!  Well, imagine my surprise when I get emails and  messages about how since I lived close to work and drove an SUV that it should've been no problem for me to hop on the roads like flippin' Santa Claus and laugh all the way to my job.  
I don't really see how what I drive and my proximity to my worksite is something that should be taken into consideration since ice is nearly impossible to drive upon unless one is operating a Zamboni.  My car is big and white - but NOT Zamboni-like.  
I was more than a little peeved since it almost seemed like my safety and comfort could be measured in distance rather than in normal human emotion. 
But I digress. 

The  point of this blog post is to catch ya'all up on what's been happening since my posts have been thin as of late to say the least. 

1.   My best bud in the whole world, my gal pal of 28 years, has up and moved. 
TO FLIPPIN' KOREA.  She and her husband of less than one year decided that the best way to try out a new marriage is to move to a foreign country and start challenging jobs.  More power to them.   But I'm going to miss her.   Bunches.  So when I came home last Friday night after saying my goodbyes to my bestest and leaning upon my husband for support  - I expected to be comforted.   Instead, this was our exchange:
"I'm sad," I flopped on to the couch and felt tears burn my eyes.  I leaned against Harry who put one strong arm around me. 
"I'm sorry, baby... Here, look at this - it's the 2010 Shelby Mustang package.   What do you think?" I held back from making him eat the paper. Through his nose.
In Harry's defense, he immediately apologized.  But he still insisted on showing me every new perk that Ford has slapped on the new line of Ponies. 
The Mustang we had - is gone.   The Corvette - is soon to be gone.   We're downsizing.   And that's a good thing.  
3.  Harry's on the road again. We have not been apart for over a month.   Although I think there were many times when either my life, or more often, Harry's, hung in the balance, we survived our month together and now I miss him terribly.  In my defense, I was usually only ready to kill him when I had to listen to another set of Homo-erotic announcers call another football game.   I really hate football. 
4.  I'm terrified of this upcoming March.  With Tiffany snug in Korea and Summer usually on Mom-duty - I'm virtually orphaned as Harry goes to Third School for FDIC in Arlington.   I worry that my brain will melt from non-use or worse - I'll be forced to do things on my own. 
5.  And what are those things? Well, for starters, I have yet to pump my own gas in the Acadia since I got it.  Over a year ago.  It's a good streak.  One I don't want to end anytime soon- mainly out of laziness since the disappearance of Full-Service pumps have taken over all of the US. 

That's about it for now. 
I expect everyone to pray for me as I will undoubtedly have to brave the roads to get to work tomorrow - even with the ice.  Better yet.  Don't pray. 
Send me a Zamboni. 
Or a sled with sled dogs and a hot Slush Puppy guy driving them. 

Now, I'm off to scavenge for food. I saw a lonely can of tuna in my cupboard.   But since I'm out of milk, eggs, bread and other staples - I'm thinking "Tuna a la Can" may be what's on the menu at Cafe de Holly tonight!

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Saltydawg said...

So football announcers sound homo erotic huh? Care to send me a tape?
As for your friend moving to Korea. I've worked out there, tell her to avoid the Kimchee.
Gaz xx