Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Better Than an Alarm Clock

"I'm hooooooooooot!" Harry moaned as he flung one Foghorn Leghorn-like leg over mine which was encased in a nicely warmed electric blanket! "Gaad! Is your blanket on? What the hell - it's hooooooooot in here!" Flopping around like a fish out of water he rearranged his pillow tower until the cool ones were on top and then huffed and puffed until he was perched on them like a pretty, pretty pillow-miser princess.

"Do you want a drink of my water?" I asked as I rolled over to my stomach and eyed (blurily, as my glasses were not on my face) the full glass of water and ice on my bedside table.

"No," he whined and then started re-arranging his pillows again.

"Fine. Night!" I was exhausted and so close to sleep when I felt him launch himself over me, settle in a straddle on the back of my knee caps and grab my cup off the bedside table. I heard him crunch on the ice and then gasped as he dribbled the ice cold water into my butt crack!

I screamed and he laughed - causing more of the ice cold liquid to soak into the back of my underwear.

Finishing his ice he giggled, rolled back to his spot on the bed and dreamed peacefully of the other things he will do to torture his wife.

I, on the other hand, plotted ways to get even for the ice-water-undies-soaking of 2009. I'm thinking sneak attacks like - not using fabric softeners on his man panties, replacing his shampoo with something strawberry scented and making him watch all four seasons of "One Tree Hill" from the WB.

Oh yeah! That'll teach him!


Saltydawg said...

I'd just put a few photo's on the net of him in those hideous orange and red man panties you told us he has.
Gaz ;-)

Indigo said...

He deserves every bit of it. Of course the next time you get woke up with the flopping, you could always get up and get a few ice cubes and stick them down his drawers. Should cool him down fast enough (Hugs)Indigo