Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Misery is my Company

The winter storm that tickled my fancy on Tuesday basically kicked my ass today. At midnight I awoke with a start when the power went off with a resounding boom. As I struggled to find my phone and un-wedge my trusty Maglite from its hiding place between the box spring and wood slat, I felt things shift. Almost like the Universe saw my struggles in the dark and decided to kick the healthily challenged girl while she was down . Alone. In the dark.
Six hours and four mini freakouts later I had a choice to make: go in to work or stay home in the dark with no heat or food.
I used the maglite to illuminate my features as I attempted to put on make up, match seminonwrinkly clothes and then headed out the door.
Funny thing about an auto garage door, it isn't so "auto" without electricity!
I managed to manually lift the door, back out, skate back and then jam the door closed. Only it wouldn't. The door laughed at me with its two inch gap and mocked my lack of power both literally and physically.

I still have no heat, no electricity, no food, and am now tucked into Sis' old room at the 'rents. The bed is so high I now know why chubby women are not asked to mount the pommel horse in the Olympics and I have one old caseless pillow on which to rest my weary head. The bathroom sink is on the fritz so I didn't wash my face and managed only to brush my teeth by using a bottle of conveniently placed spring water.

I'm not sure why the Universe has teamed with Mother Nature to kick my plentiful ass , but come on-haven't I (and all my parts) suffered enough?

And as I peck this perpetually painful blog out on my Iphone, I only have one other question--who out there has a spare room and a desire for a quirky and well-fed roomie for a few days?I'm assured that my power will be on by Sunday at the latest!!!



Lisa said...

Awwwww Holly, hope you get your power back soon, Hugs Lisa

Saltydawg said...

Sounds like a freaking nightmare!
Gaz xx