Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Error? ERROR?!

I turned on my Mac and opened up a page.   I clicked on Itunes - and - nothing.   Click.  Click.  Clickety-clickety-clickety!  I'm not sure why I thought that by clicking more on the icon and clicking harder on it would magically make it work - it didn't. And no matter how many times I "force quit" the damn thing just kept mocking me with its slience and that stupid little light on under the Icon.    

So I decided to give up on the fried apple and move on to my camera. Wanting to capture some more Blenko Glass pieces to send in for a local glass blogger I picked up my camera and turned it on and furrowed my brows as it beeped, flashed green and turned off.  I hit the power button again. The lens opened and the light flashed and it turned off.  So I jammed the button repeatedly until now, even after I've taken the batteries out and replaced them - it's stuck in a dead and opened position.  

Sucking a breath and trying to calm down I seek solace in the Wii Fit.  I kicked off my gold ballet flats and grabbed the pink Wiimote.  Settling in on the balance board I pushed "on" on the tv remote and stared.

"You've got to be kidding me," I said to no one as an Error message from Nintendo filled the screen. 

So, based on my luck with electronics tonight I'm betting you guys have two point three seconds to read this before my laptop goes dead and I'm found four days later, in bed, still pounding on the Control-Alt-Delete buttons.  



amy122389 said...

Is there a full moon?  Is Mercury in Retrograde?!  Have you been bitten by a radioactive spider?  Hmm...things to ponder.  Stay away from my computer though.  just sayin'


oddb0dkins said...

Is your camera a Sony by any chance? Because mine did exactky the same. it's now just an annoyingly expensive paperweight!

B. x

beckiepainton said...

oh dear you must be a magnet.Beckie x