Friday, May 23, 2008

Watch Me, Watch You

Harry took off his watch and ring to go work on his car or in the yard - or something - I'm not really sure as I was busy pretending to listen to what he said.
"Here," he said.  "Take these and don't," he slowed his voice down and made me look into his eyes like a Ritilin-deprived eight year old, "lose them."
I'm sitting at a desk checkin' my email and looking up freelancing jobs (tee hee - someone is looking for an Adult Movie Reviewer - wtf??? What would be the complaint "Debbie does Dallas XXXIV" just didn't seem to have the climax that the prequels had..." ahhaahah).  

But then my watch started rubbing the keyboard (pet peeve) and my rings started twisting  on my finger so I tossed them next to Harry's.  

Then they snuggled:
                    I just liked the look of it - his big ol' watch and my teeny one.  
So cute.
Or maybe I'm really tired tonight.
Take your pick.

Have a great three-day-weekend ya'all!  


oddb0dkins said...

Hehe. How many applications will that job generate!?
Like the his'n'hers pic.

B. x

amy122389 said...

awww.....that's an adorable picture!!!  You should crop it and frame it.


beckiepainton said...

ahhh, snuggly jewellery! beckie x