Monday, December 17, 2007

NYC! Day One

Wednesday night, the eve of our trip to NYC, was spent with me lying on the couch with a pending migraine and Harry on the phone with Delta (hereinafter known as "Duck Felta!") who, seven hours before our flight was to depart, cancelled our connecting one.  

They were nice enough to offer us another flight.  From a different airline.   FROM A DIFFERENT AIRPORT IN D.C.  Yes.  So we decided to get up early the next morning and drive it.   All ten hours of it. 

Harry drove the Acadia the first leg and I volunteered to drive the next.    Hopping in the driver's seat and narrowly avoiding all the puddles that were forming from the rain, I set about our destination.   Harry curled up in the passenger seat, head on overfluffed pillow, ear buds tucked in his ears and a fluffy Transformer's blanket tucked around his legs. 

For about ten minutes all was well. 

And then I wanted a corn chip.  Being pregnant I am either having to pee or wanting to eat every other minute.    And since we had just left a gas station bathroom, I really  wanted that corn chip.  So I carefully reached down and shuffled around the bag to pluck one for my consumption.    And ran off the road.  But just a little!   I hit the burm enough to make that nice "airplane noise" and wake up Harry.    He looked at me and I smiled while popping the procured corn chip into my smiling mouth.   

"Sorry!" I mouthed at him.

He put his head back down and I contined to drive the hills of WV.  

And then I wanted to change the cd.  Nora Jones was putting me to sleep so I really wanted something more upbeat.  "Ohh - Shedaisy!"

I carefully extracted the cd from the visor and pushed it towards the slot on the dash.

And ran off the road again.

Harry started laughing and sat up to remove the blanket and earbuds.  "I'm sorry!  I wanted a corn chip and a new cd!" I was laughing so hard - I ran off the road again.

"Want me to drive?" he asked while peering through the rain and then watching me wipe the tears from my eyes.

"Yes," I said.  "Corn chip?" I offered. 

More later!  Including the trials and tribulations of trying to check in to the Waldorf=Astoria!


princesssaurora said...

Oh I so wish you had asked me where to lodge in NYC!!!  The Schrager hotels are the bestest!!!  Very trendy and chic!!  I am glad Harry drove... pregnant women have to eat.  A lot!  lol

be well,

beckiepainton said...

waldorf?isnt that the hotel in 'home alone'? Beckie x

gazker said...

Ive stayed at the Waldorf and eaten the salad too ;-)
Gaz xxxx
PS, Glad, you made the journey.

psychfun said...

Careful. I rolled over my SUV on my journal.

oddb0dkins said...

I should think Harry was relieved to get back to driving. ;O)

B. x

tenyearnap said...

No more driving for you until the baby is born! Have a great time in NYC. Can't wait to hear about the theater. --Cin