Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No - it's a - Grandma?

Last weekend we went car shopping because the week before I had watched in horror as a much-skinnier-than-me pregnant girl struggled to get out of my car with her sixth month belly.   Eventually she half-wriggled, half-tumbled out on to the pavement.

So we went to buy a new car.  Mine was only four months old so it should've been easy.  Nope.   I went through a Pontiac Torrent GXP that was very difficult to steer because - it  had no power steering.  Who makes a car in this day and age, much less an SUV without power steering!

So we sent it back. 

Then Harry gave me an Escalade to buy him a new GMC Acadia - very pretty and silver. 

When we arrived at the dealership he quickly changed his mind.  He went to go look at a white one that had "better wheels."  They looked the same to me but what did I care - I was getting the majestic Cadillac - barely used!  

His grandmother came with us and settled in to the chair across from me while Harry continued to run around the parking lot looking at vehicles like some kid in an over-priced industrial candy shop.  

I was feeling particularly horrible this day.  My hair was three days into not being washed and my eyes, even at 9:30am, were fighting to close.  My lips were red and my eyes had on a faint coat of mascara, coated by the dim lights of the bathroom.   

His grandmother looked at me with concern.  "Are you just three months along?"  she looked pointedly at my tubby tummy. 

"No, not even. More like ten weeks,"  I replied, tugging my coat closer to my waist.   

"Really?"  She drew in a sharp breath and configured a face of amazement.  "Well, you're really a gainin' aren't you?"

Suddenly, I stood up and pulled my coat off in one fail motion.  Without waiting, I flung the tiny red chair with the tiny grandmother through the plate glass window. 

I took a deep breath before answering her and came back to reality.  

"Actually, I'm exactly the same,"  I said smiling a false smile.

"REALLY?"  she said and made a show of putting on a very shocked expression.  

Suddently, I stood up and pulled my coat...  :)

Later, after we had purchased the car and dropped off the grandmother at the local river - Imean - at her house , I told Harry about it. 

"She didn't mean anything by it..."  he started.

"Yes she did!"  I squealed.  "She's no different than any other old lady out there, just like my grandmother, they tell it like it is!  Feelings be damned."  I laughed as he looked sheepish.   

Somehow, the next day I was the proud owner of a brand new white GMC Acadia with "cool wheels."   

Ya know - for the baby....


princesssaurora said...

I love the Acadia!  I may get one instead of a Tahoe.  Enjoy... you will love it... lots of room... And, just ignore the grandma!  LOL

be well,

gazker said...

Shame on you Holly! Ya should have got a push bike with one of those little wicker seats on the back for baby, that way you wouldn't be contributing to global warming ;-)
Gaz xxxx

oddb0dkins said...

Maybe you should hide her false teeth and saw half way through the leg of her zimmer? But then, she did kinda help you get that swish new motor.

B. x

jmoqueen said...

LOL very funny :)  Hope you enjoy the car


beckiepainton said...

my nan is the same, shell tell it to your face, we just laugh along with her, I wouldnt have her any other way.Beckie x