Saturday, November 3, 2007

Feline Lovin'

As much as I miss my Phoebe, I still know that I can head over to the 'rents and get some primo kitty lovin' from a 19+ year old Siamese named Silver.

Here are some grainy IPhone pics courtesy of Harry.  The paw to the cheek=pure love and annoyance!




oddb0dkins said...


B. x

gazker said...

Grainy, or gravy................. I have just been put off buying an i phone ;-)
Gaz xx
PS, Nice to see a blog from you Holly.

princesssaurora said...

Awww... Silver is an old girl!  God bless her!  She is gorgeous!

be well,

amy122389 said...

Hee hee....I know the paw to the face trick!  Translation:  'Hello.  Why did you stop petting me?!  I never said you could stop!'


beckiepainton said...

hello silver!!   Beckie x