Friday, April 13, 2007

I Concede.

Maybe ya'all were right about my cat.

She does seem a bit, well, hostile, as of late.

Especially when I'm trying to read or watch tv...

Well, after four days of bickering, tears, and near bludgeoning (poor Harry) - I finally found a non-gas-guzzling SUV that I could actually drive without going into withdrawl.  Yup - we did it again - we traded off my Envoy Denali for a Pontiac GXP.

It's black and has large red gauges that measure your speed up to 160mph. Now - this is where living in WV kinda sucks (ya know, OTHER than the fashionista BLACK HOLE capital of the world) because, hypothetically speaking, should I be able to get up close to this proposed 160mph speed - I'm likely going to run into a pesky moutain or hillside. 

Right, Harry?  (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, crash, bang!)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and - should you happen to be visiting WV  - please ignore any erratically driving Pontiacs that may be flying past you on the interstate.

That's just me.

Trying to break the sound barrier.

Update:  Apparently the above pic is not exactly my car.  I Googled it.  This picture came up. That's about as far as my techno savvy goes.  And, I guess, my power of observation.  So, according to Harry - I don't know my own car.

"And - you posted a picture of a two door" he says and chuckles at his own unabashed cleverness.

He better steer clear of the driveway.

That speedometer still registers at 160.  I'm pretty sure that it'll work in "Reverse" too - Zooom!  Scrreeeech!  Bang!  ahahahahah

Update #2:  "Heh, heh, heh.  Ya know - Reverse only has one gear," Harry points out.





tenyearnap said...

C'mon out to the desert and we'll rock that new car.

lazarai said...

Nice car, Holly!! Best of luck with it...

:) Carol

amy122389 said...

meeeeeeeee.......I want one!!!!  I'll take the model that only goes up to 90 though.  :-P


gazker said...

And of course Holly, its environmently freindly and does 50 miles to the gallon....... Me thinks not ;-)
Naughty girl!
Gaz oxo

oddb0dkins said...

Nice car, you'd think it would fly right up those mountains without taking a breath. B. x

princesssaurora said...

Cool... enjoy the new car....  I love that pic of Phoebe... I thought only my cat ate remotes!!

be well,

jmoqueen said...

Oooo your new car looks lovely :-)