Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wheel of Fortune!

It started simply enough.

I was hungry.

I wanted lunch.

It was lunchtime.

So far, so good, huh?! Well- that's where the simplicity ended and chaos took the wheel, literally. You see, in my town, a college town where restaraunts and fast-food joints are jumbled together in a maze around Fifth Avenue, things can get a tad confusing as to where one should enter and where one should not. For example, the driveway for the "out" for Burger King is identical and within three feet of the "in" for Subway. So, you can imagine my surprise when I think I am turning in to partake in the wonder that is a Toasted Turkey Sub on Wheat and find myself bumper to big bumper with a Dodge Ram that could eat my little Escape along with the Double Whopper it had just purchased. My face froze in mid-sing-along to the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack and I gripped the steering wheel while trying to quickly come up with a way out of becoming a squished chicken McNugget.

So - I turned left, hopped over one curb, a sidewalk, and another, higher curb and maybe even a few pedestrians that soon abandoned their lunch plans in fear of the crazy, wild-eyed girl behind the wheel of the black SUV and careened into the Subway drive-thru - breathless, but virtually unscathed.

The silver lining?: I finally got to break in my Four Wheel Drive.

Oh yeah.

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tenyearnap said...

But did you get your Toasted Turkey on Wheat?
Maniac!!! :-)