Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Road Oft' Traveled...

A co-worker looked at me the other day, her pale face contorting with disgust when I told her that my husband and I had just purchased a Denali. "You'll spend so much on gas with that thing!"

The funniest thing about this situation was not that the woman before me was lecturing me on the importancies of petrol-economic vehicles (and, yet, she owns an SUV) but the fact that there was very little things about her that were real - her hair, her "tan" and her "designer" clothes are the first blaringly obvious things that come to mind.

Call me horrible -but the day that I choose a car based on gas mileage is the day that I stop spending hundreds of dollars on Coach purses, Kate Spade sunglasses, Louis Vuitton clutches and Dooney satchels!

That was funny - I said "the day I stop spending" - oh - wipe the tears from my eyes - oh. I totally should've said: "the day my hubby stops spending hundreds of dollars" on me. And we all know - that aint gonna happend anytime soon!



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