Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nightmares and Trashy Dreams

Had a horrible nightmare last night.  I dreamt that there was a spider web, hanging over my head while I was asleep.  Ickier still - there was hair in it.  Blonde hair woven throughout the sticky web and it was going to land on my face and smother me in my sleep.  In my bed. Alone.   Okay - now that's freaky enough - and you know what made it worse?  The fact that it disturbed me so badly that I sat up half the night terrified that a hair spider was going to land on me and end up lying it's eggs in my eyelids.     Any of you Freudians out there - please feel free to interpret and then get back to me 'cuz I sure as hell don't know what it means.  :)  

 On a lighter note, I once again topped the charts of domestic divahood by actually taking the trash out - again!  Now - I know that that seems like no big deal - but I am terrified of my neighbors.  I live in an ulta-snobby subdivision which has a list of unbreakable covenants that rival the bible in length (with similar wording). Everyday I live in fear that I have managed to unwittingly break one of these neighborhood codes and will be booted out of my house for no reason other than breaking the coveted "Thou shall only stack thy trash in a pyramid fashion."       

I am now sitting at the kitchen table, reveleing in my bliss of domestic tranquility and watching the O.C. (a show I don't detest - but don't really like either...).  It's nice.

AND tomorrow is Friday - which means I have two days of FREEDOM!!!  


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