Saturday, May 12, 2012

Language Barriers

"I didn't know! We don't all watch that 'Tims' channel!" my husband yelled to me from the bathroom doorway. We had just finished the horror flick (yes. It was THAT bad) "Harold and Kumar Christmas" which had a cameo in it with Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David.
"How could you NOT know that was his real-life husband?" I shouted back. "And what is 'Tims'?!?!"
"Tims!" he repeated.
I stopped and stared.
"Do you mean 'TMZ'?"
"Yeah," he said, slowly shutting the bathroom doors to hide his shame. "Timssss."
"I can't tell if you're being funny or if you really thought it was pronounced like that," I said.
"I think it's better that way," he said and closed the doors on me, our conversation, and my hope that I had married him for his brains.


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