Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't Hate Me...

I found a white hair the other day.
I'm only 33!
I should NOT have white hairs!
So I've decided to grow old gracefully ---- or I could become the next face of Miss Clairol!
Bring on the color wheel and drippy bottles! Let's dye this bitch!!! :)


Lisa said...

I have a few grays too, hate them. Clairol Perfect 10 is a great hair dye :)

Katie said...

I'm getting the dreaded grey hairs as well. They show up mostly when I stand in front of one of those restaurant bathroom mirrors. . under flourescent lights. It plays tricks on my eyes. I'm like. . . REALLY? it couldn't be. . it's just the shimmer of these aweful lights glaring on my highlights . . yes, THATS it!!!
But then the last hair appointment she said, outloud. . . "I'm going to mix up some color. . and we'll get right on that grey patch"

Anonymous said...

I found one in my frickin eyebrow and it put up a valiant, and painful, fight to stay... ugh!!
***April Handley

Anonymous said...

You know that you are truly OLD when you find a gray pubic hair. C