Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Parade

'Twas the night before Easter,
And all through the state,
Not a creature was stirring,
'cept in Wal-mart's case.

The aisles were filled with late-night shoppers,
mothers of twelve, baby-carriage hoppers,
and then there was me, Stacey and Sis,
Who didn't want to be there,
But there none-the-less.

For Sis in her Hover'round and me all sweaty,
dragged poor Stacey there, and she wasn't ready
for the action, the drama, the clean-up in aisle three,
the hectic relations between crippled sis and me.

For when we checked out, all gripping our treasures,
My sis revved her engine, and sped up for good measure.
Knocking me flying right in to poor Stacey who couldn't be faulted,
for it was Summer, in the chair, who sent me catapulted.

The Bunny, he came, and left us all goodies,
Even Summer, the meanie, in her handicapped duties,
was given a reprieve and sent on her way,
All was forgiven, On Easter's Sweet Day.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahhaa...I'm still confused about the foot thing. C