Saturday, September 24, 2011

Covert the Coven; A sappy post about my buds.

My three best girls and I are a Coven. No, we don't practice any "Dark Arts" nor have we ever blinded a newt for a spell or two - but since we figured out that our Astrological signs aligned with the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water we thought it was too funny not to dub ourselves something all-powerful and mythical - like a Coven.

So what does my Coven do for fun? We consume vast quantities of Mexican food and often hit local thrift stores for party supplies.
We are THAT exciting.

I'm not going to lie - it was nice to just be Holly tonight and not have to be a mom. And I love my friends. They make me feel like it's not only okay to be a complete dork but it's actually encouraged. We make fun of each other like with this conversation:

Me: "Okay, so post-baby I guess I can go and be the DD - but I don't think I can do it alone. Wouldn't that be hard?"
Tiffany: "No, you just have to take care of a drunk horde!"
Summer: "Well you used to take care of me! I was like a drunk horde!"
Me: "No, sis, she said 'HORDE'...
Summer: "Yeah, Hor-oh, I hate you."
And then we all laugh outrageously and start to eat more cheese. It all works. It gels.

And this:
Stacey: (looking down and admiring the four-inch Kate Spade heels on her pretty feet) "I'm like six feet tall in these!"
Me: "Ohhh - come here!" I go in for a hug to see how much shorter I am now).
Both: "You're/I'm like at boob height!"

As Stacey pulled away tonight she stuck her shiny haired head out of the minivan and said, "Can you believe we've been friends for 20 years?"
"I know," I said and smiled.
"I mean, I guess I could make some new friends but that's so much work and I have you girls!" she said and then drove away to scrape her Marshall University-lovin' hubby off of her friend's floor.

My closest friends have been there for me since birth/elementary school/ middle school. I love these women and am amazed every day at how much they have accomplished. One deals daily with a very sweet but temperamental autistic daughter, one lives the life of a homebound gypsy who has to be very careful what she eats due to a severe allergy, one lives the life of a working mom while balancing her health on a very slippery platter. And then there's me - and I just count myself lucky to be a part of their worlds.

Lovies to the Covies!


Anonymous said...

Nice :) Party supplies and cheese are good for any occasion. You've made me want to put some party supplies in my blizzard/hurricane stash. As necessary as batteries and water, right? -C

Summer said...

Covie love is forever!!!!!!!!!