Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Are What You Eat


I am a woman who thoroughly enjoys food. Eating makes me happy, comforts me when I'm sad and calms my worried mind through the gentle art of baking, sauteing, mixing and even just chewing. But lately I've been eating like a fast-food employee - quick and on the sly.
As Baby Harry gets to be pickier about what he shoves, double-handed, into his mouth, I, too, have to be careful as to how long I fix my food and how long I take to enjoy it. Which is usually not long.

And he monitors what I'm eating. And I will often find myself in mid-bite only to feel two or three little fingers wiggling my lips open. I laugh - he eats what falls out and I say: "Ew! You're such a boy! Gross!" and we go about our merry way.

However, last weekend while we were all at the mall eating "MOR CHKN" - I fed him a few bits of cut-up nugget. One of which stuck to his face. So I plucked it off. And ate it.


I jerked to a stop in mid-chew and painfully swallowed.

"I just ate food off of our baby's face," I said to my husband who was busily (and weirdly) peeling all the batter off of his fried chicken sandwich.

He stopped. Smiled. "Priceless," he said and went back to his OCD (Obsessive Chicken Disorder) and offering me no comfort or advice on the tragic face-eating event that just occurred.

I was horrified.

What on earth possessed me to pluck a food morsel off of my baby's red cheeks and then put that same piece of food --- IN MY MOUTH?
Can I expect more of this in the future?
Will I be that parent that doesn't bat an eye when I'm offered a slobbery pre-licked popsicle?
A pre-chewed cheeto?

Only time will tell, I guess...

And oh - look - there's a cheerio on his chin....



Call me Paul said...

I remember when my son was a baby. We were visiting my (then childless) Sister and Brother-in-Law. Matt was sitting in the high chair, and I was feeding him. To see what he would do, I gave him a little piece of potato off my owon plate. I put it in his mouth, he spit it back out into my hand, I ate it. My Brother-in-Law almost shit on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Best. Comment. Ever!!! Hahahha! The things we do as parents would've horrified our younger selves...

---Holly "Im on my iPhone and too lazy to log in" Shivel :)

Odds Bodkins. said...

I'm not sure which habit is more disturbing - yours or hubbies. ;O)

B. x