Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seven Year (B)Itch

This Monday, June 21st, marks my seven-year wedding anniversary with my hubs and we hit the "Seven Year Itch." Based on pre-conceived and popular notions, I believe this seven year milestone entitles me to a Pool Boy. Or a Gardner.
I mean, seriously. It's hot here and I've got some overgrown bushes. No, really, I do.


Odds Bodkins. said...

Seven years eh? Pah! Wait till you get to 32 and find there's still no sign of the marriage license expiring! ;O)

Congrats all the same.

B. x

അഷ്റഫ് .വി(ashraf.v) said...

Hai saw ur blog ,simple good

Summer said...

Just spray some miracle grow on your lawn daily. That way Lawn Jockey McHottie-pants will come back more often, glistening in all of his dirty, dirty yumminess.... wait, what was I saying???

Anonymous said...

Ummm...I had something to tell ya about the 7-year thing but it has flown right outta my head after reading Summer's comment. Now, I am off to buy miracle grow. -Cindy