Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday I asked Harry to go downstairs and print off a coupon so that I may pick up the new Mary Kay Andrews book "Fixer Upper." No sooner had he descended than he called me from the depths below.
"Why are you getting emails about Singles events?" he asked.
"Why you be snoopin' in my bid-ness?" I retorted.
"No, really. Why do you have emails about dating?" his concern was touching. And annoying.
"Just print out the damn coupon, already."
"And something from medical billing? What is this?"
"I was SPAMMED okay? I put in my email address thinking it was a legit survey and I WAS SPAMMED! Trust me, I have no interest in being a 'Swinging Single' OR a 'Sultry Senior'! I - WAS- SPAMMED!"
"Okay - so just this 25% coupon then?"
"Okay. Love you."
"Love you, too," I said and hung up. "Ass."


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Amy said...

You're going to be a Sultry Senior. Admit it. With that hooker red lipstick all the seniors wear. Hee...