Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roof Goofs

Harry and I are having a new roof put on the ol' casa - which - I know sounds absolutely thrilling but I can assure you  - it's not.  It's freakin' expensive.  So with that you'd think certain things would be a given like "Proper roof safety will be maintained and we'll not play with the nail guns," or "Will not pretend we can fly - at any point," and "We'll not leave a ladder leaned against your house so that anyone off the busy street which you live can climb on your roof and tap dance whilst you lie in bed all a quiver."

Well - two out of three aint bad:

RAISE THE ROOF!  hahaha - Sorry - had to be said!


Saltydawg said...

What would you do if someone came up the ladder and stole Hazza in his orange man panties in the middle of the night huh?
Gaz ;-)

Amy Jo said...

I would feel compelled to shimmy up there and leave a tiny gnome with a "help me" sign for them find upon their return.

Juvenile-y yours,
Amy Jo