Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Migraine Pain and Funtimes

I felt the tingles last night and I knew that the sleeping beast was slumbering no longer. Like a stealthy and sneaky paparazzi, I could feel him lingering on my peripheral and trying to push himself upon my vision, my life. But I ignored him, the Migraine that lingered.

I banished him with a pain pill and closed my eyes by 10pm in hopes of a bright and cheerful morning. Instead I found myself lying awake at 4am with my head in the grips of a tug of war between the pain and the nausea.

It got the best of me.

It won.

I called in sick to work and wallowed in the blackness of my life for the majority of the day.

Until I decided to get up to get some food.
And then I locked myself out of my bedroom.
Yes, that's right.
I'm that good.
I can be miserable to the point that I'm sure no more misery exists and then I put a flimsy-yet-oddly-impervious door between me and my sanctuary.

A tiny screwdriver, a kitchen knife and enough curse words to damn us all to hell, and I was back in bed.

I'm doing better now, my head is starting to look more Holly-shaped again and my bedroom door is not fully pulled close so no danger of a repeat lockout.

And I managed to wrap and put another one of Harry's presents under the tree last night. that makes, er, uh, five for him and - zero for me.

I think Santa finally figured out that my inclusion on the "nice" list was an oopsie!

I better at least get coal! And fruitcake!



Sweetnessk71 said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad headache..ouchie. Hope it stays away for good.. take care


Indigo said...

OUch! I know those kinds of headaches. Paul tends to wait till Christmas Eve to do the honors of wrapping. Then he has to without fail, wrap more when I'm asleep. I think he forgets I'm 43 not 3. It's adorable in it's own way. (Hugs)Indigo