Monday, December 22, 2008


I am so freakin' bored!

And lord help my frosty soul, I have TRIED to make my own fun. I made an accidental Cat Food meatloaf (ya know - smelled good, but tastes nasty) and ended up eating a tiny bagel for dinner with a pathetic and elderly tomato for accompaniment, instead.   

The only shining part of my otherwise drab and dreary existence on this Manic Monday is that I decided to watch a movie that was highly, and repeatedly, recommended to me. So I sat down, Cat Food Loaf in hand and popped in "Boondock Saints."

I loved it!

A cast of merry (to use the word loosely) characters, not too much blood for an O+ squeamish freak like myself and just enough nakedness of Sean Patrick Flannery (yes I still find him hot after "Powder."  Sue me.) to make me watch the deleted scenes.  Repeatedly.  It had violence, a pinch of sex, a tad bit of twin-brother-bordering-on-incest-love, loyalty, religion and a pretty kickin' soundtrack.   

And I sound like a 12 year old boy with an Xbox-live fetish. 

Okay so I watched the movie, ate a bagel and ended up downstairs on the 'puter trying to google the latest of my many ailments. 
I swear, dudes and dudettes of the world wide whatever -  I do believe the warranty on this chubby lil' sausage casing I drag around on a daily basis has a 3o year expiration and I'm now running out of time!   Ugh. 

Oh - and as a side note, here was the actual toast my dad gave at my sister's birthday dinner yesterday:

Raising his tiny glass of pink kool-aid high (it was the only clean glass left after we'd claimed all the big people ones) my dad smiled with his new teeth and said:
"To all the kisses I've snatched and vice versa!"

Another tiny bit of me died on my mother's new linoleum floor right there.    

Happy Monday!!!!!!

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